We all know word of mouth is the tried and true way of finding exciting film production jobs. But it can be time consuming and sometimes, just feels like you’re riding the job roulette. Luckily, there are a ton of job sites out there that can help you widen your net. The only problem: there are so many film crewing sites! How do they differ and which one is for you?

No matter what corner of the film industry you work in, this list can help you score your next job. If you know of any other websites that might be helpful for film and video pros who are looking for work, let us know at contact@kitsplit.com!

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Don’t underestimate the power of social media! While it’s not exactly a job site, we’ve found Facebook to be a great place to find production jobs. Ask around, and search on Facebook to learn about groups near you pertaining to your niche within film production. One of the most popular groups in NYC, Local Zero Heroes, has almost 17k members. It’s a ‘secret’ group, so you’ll need to have someone invite you. I worked as a freelance videographer for USA TODAY Travel for a few years, all thanks to someone who posted in that group!

Other groups to check out:
NYC Freelance TV & Film Production
NY TV People
Film Jobs LA
Production Freelancers


Some info available for free. Plans starting at $4.99/month

ProductionHUB is one of the most popular options on the list, and it has an extensive list of both full-time positions and crew gigs. You can see job listings without paying. They also offer a basic profile for $4.99 a month and a featured profile for $59.99 a month, and have a 30 day free trial option.

Entertainment Careers


The membership fee for Entertainment Careers starts at $9.95 monthly and includes early access to job posts, application tracking and customized email alerts. Note that many of the jobs here can also be found on free sites, but some are members only.

Stage 32

Pricing varies

Stage 32 advertises as a social network and educational hub for film and television, or “Lynda meets LinkedIn.” In addition to job listings they offer virtual classes, discussion boards and feedback for writers. Pricing varies, but it’s free to create a profile.

Production Weekly

$49.95 for your first month, $75/month after that

Production Weekly provides film and television professionals with a weekly breakdown of projects in various stages of development, including production company information such as emails and phone numbers. It’s $49.95 for your first month of the subscription and $75 a month after that. Pro tip- go in on the subscription with a few friends and forward them each issue.

Media Match

$15/month, $90/year

Premium members on Media Match pay $15 a month or $90 a year and can view full job details, access the company directory and see profile views. It’s great for finding full-time jobs because you can easily find contact info for production companies you might be interested in. A free basic membership is available but limits the jobs you can apply to.


$12.99/month, $125/year

For $12.99 a month or $125 a year, Cinematcher’s app instantly matches you with projects in your area and also allows you to check-in to industry events and message other attendees. They’ve been called “The Tinder” for film and TV jobs. It’s a newer site, and still building its inventory, but can be great for finding freelance gigs fast! It was started by an awesome woman founder, Lauren Magura.

Assignment Desk

Some info available for free. Contact for more information. 

Assignment Desk handles the dirty work—from making initial phone calls, to arranging schedules, negotiating rates, and confirming the necessary paperwork is in place—it’s their top priority to source the right crew for your shoot while working inside your budget. It’s not just about the date and location—it’s about you. Sounds a lot like KitSplit to us!

Staff Me Up


One of the most popular film job sites out there, Staff Me Up, offers a free version as well as a paid version starting at $9 a month and is great for applying to freelance gigs. The free version limits you to five job applications per month, but if you’re willing to spend a few bucks you can easily apply to unlimited jobs, add cover letters, and see your status for each application.


Free limited, $15/month paid

Similar to Staff Me Up, Mandy is exclusive to film production and offers a limited free version. The paid version is $15 a month and includes boosted applications, an enhanced profile and trackable applications. They tend to have a good mix of full-time and freelance job posts, although in hubs like New York and LA, the competition can be intense. 



Ah, Craigslist. You’ll always find someone on there looking for a DP who owns a RED Epic and has ten years experience to shoot their film for free. But there are some decent gigs to be found there occasionally, too, so it’s worth a look. We have colleagues who have gotten great (+ well paying) jobs in production via Craigslist, and counterintuitively, it can sometimes be less competitive than some of the more focused platforms on this list. 

HubStaff Talent


HubStaff posts jobs from remote startups, software companies, agencies, and ecommerce businesses. Once you create a freelancer profile, companies can contact you directly for work and you can apply to jobs. This is great if you’re an editor and can work remotely.



More and more companies are using LinkedIn these days, and it’s a great place to apply for jobs. You can even do a free trial of LinkedIn premium to see how qualified you are for each position, have your application boosted and message the job poster directly. Production jobs on LinkedIn tend to be primarily full-time gigs, so if you’re seeking short-term freelance work you might want to skip this one.



Not specific to film, Indeed is great for applying to full-time staff positions. You can easily upload your resume and include cover letters for each job.



Storyhunter is free to join and when you work as a freelancer on Storyhunter, you don’t pay any fees–the whole thing is entirely free! You need to be vetted by their pros but once you are you’ll be able to browse projects and apply to any you like!

Zip Recruiter


Zip Recruiter allows you to apply to full-time jobs with one click once you’ve uploaded your resume and you can even request info about the salary if it’s not listed. They’ll also email you with recommended jobs in your field. Like the above two sites, it’s not specific to film production, but there are some hidden gems to be found, particularly staff positions at larger media companies. 

Creative Cow Career Center


If you work in post-production, Creative Cow is good for applying to editing, VFX and animation jobs. Most of the jobs are based in Canada but they have listings all over the world.

Flare Studio


On Flare Studio, brands post briefs for content they want created and you can respond to the brief by uploading your work with the chance to get paid. The only downside is it’s competition based, so you have to upload your completed work before you find out if you are selected.



Abode’s platform, Behance, allows you to showcase your work and apply to both full-time and short-term creative jobs. Companies can also view your work and contact you directly.

Creative Circle


If you’re looking for a full-time job (we know, health insurance is expensive), you might consider using a staffing agency such as Creative Circle that matches you with companies. You can apply for jobs through their site or meet with a recruiter who can help find opportunities for you.


Free to apply

Crews Control focuses on matching their clients with the perfect crew, anywhere in the world. They also require their DPs have a minimum of 10 years of experience and own their own broadcast-level camera package–but once you get in you’ll be working in no time! It’s free to apply to be a DP for Crews Control, however they take a “15% Crews Control commission” from your standard rate on any job you get through them.


Free to join with a 20% service fee

UpWork allows freelancers to search for projects and send proposals to clients. It’s free to join, but freelancers are charged a sliding fee based on their earnings. The fee for the first $500 you earn is 20% and decreases to 10% after that.



Production Beast allows freelancers to apply to unlimited jobs, set their availability and show off their work for free. If you work in multiple cities, you can sign up for a starter profile for $3.99 a month and appear in crew listings for up to three cities, so it’s great for anyone bi-coastal.

Do you know of a job site that’s not listed here but should be? Or have opinions on any of those listed? Comment below, or email us at contact@kitsplit.com and let us know!