Luke Geissbühler has over 25 feature films and over 20 documentaries to his name—not to mention the many commercials and web videos he’s shot. Oh, and he also became unexpectedly world renowned when he and his eight-year-old son launched a camera into space in a homemade capsule! In this video, Luke discusses shooting Borat, Helvetica, and an OK Go video; his camera gear-buying habit; and more. This is the first in KitSplit’s “Spotlight” series, where we’re profiling inspiring filmmakers in our community—let us know if you have a suggestion for us of who we should profile next!

Here were three of our key takeaways from our shoot with Luke:
  1. Embrace variety: it will make you a stronger filmmaker
    Some cinematographers feel pressure to pressure to focus on one specific type of film project, whether it be narrative, documentary, or commercial. Throughout his career, Luke has made the choice projects that interest him, regardless of genre, and he feels that has really strengthened him as a cinematographer. He says that shooting a documentary vs. a narrative user “different muscles…and they really inform each other.”
  2.  Think of your camera gear purchases as investments
    Geissbühler, like most DPs, loooves camera gear! And he owns a lot of it, but he’s very strategic about his purchases. One of our favorite moments of the interview was when he said, “I make sure not to purchase equipment because I’ve fallen in love with it. That is not a good reason to buy gear. It’s not a good reason to buy gear.” For Luke and the tens of thousands of owners on KitSplit, we offer a great way to justify buying the gear you’ve fallen in love with through renting it out. Speaking of which, you can also rent Geissbühler’s own gear on KitSplit!

  3. It’s good to be a little bit out of your depth
    We’ve all been in scenarios where we’re a little bit outside of our depth, and that can be incredibly stressful. But from Luke’s perspective, “We’re all a little bit out of our depth at times, and that’s good, right? That’s what makes us better. That’s what challenges us.” There’s so much to master in the world of filmmaking and cinematography, and ultimately, “that’s kind of great, because you never become complacent, and it can always get better.”

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