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Save 40% on Gear Rental Insurance with KitSplit Instant Insurance

Save 40% on Gear Rental Insurance with KitSplit Instant Insurance

by KitSplit

Video Equipment Rental Insurance might not be the sexiest topic, but it is so important to filmmakers and to anyone using professional video, film and photography equipment. Whether you’re renting a $5000 DSLR camera or a $100,000 Arri Alexa kit, insurance is essential. Accidents happen, and sets can be chaotic. You do not want to be on the hook for shelling out thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to replace broken equipment.   

That’s why at KitSplit we’ve gone to great lengths to provide the most thorough and affordable rented gear insurance coverage available. And it just got even better.

In collaboration with Heffernan Insurance Group, we have developed KitSplit Instant Insurance, a groundbreaking insurance product, that is exclusive to KitSplit renters and is 40% less expensive than the competition.


Renters can purchase the new equipment rental insurance in an instant, 24/7 on kitsplit.com – no paperwork, no faxing, no hassle, ever.

KitSplit Instant Insurance for rented equipment

As you likely know, buying short term gear insurance is usually a terrible experience. Most insurance brokers ask for tons of paperwork and take forever. They charge an arm and a leg, and sometimes ask for absurd things like faxes. Who in 2018 owns a fax? And after all that you have to shell out hundreds of dollars. It’s time consuming and expensive. That all changes with KitSplit Instant Insurance. 

KitSplit instant insurance has the lowest rates and the easiest purchasing process in the industry.

We still have our damage waiver starting at $5 for gear valued at less than $10k. And now for gear valued over $10k, premiums start at just $125. In comparison, the minimum premium of the next most affordable option start around $200. KitSplit Instant Insurance is 40-60% cheaper than the competition. 

As a renter this means you could save a lot of money on rentals when you rent through KitSplit.

As a KitSplit owner, your gear is fully protected, and your renters’ budgets can go farther.  Maybe with the money they’re saving on insurance they’ll rent even more gear from you. Next time someone wants to rent your gear, make sure to send them through KitSplit. You’ll have peace of mind that your gear is safe, and they’ll save 40%.

At KitSplit we come to work each day for you for our community of filmmakers, production companies, and rental houses. We are here to save you time and money on gear rentals and insurance so you can put more into what really matters- the story.

Next time you need to rent gear use KitSplit and save 40% on premiums with KitSplit Instant Insurance. It’s yet another benefit of being part of the KitSplit community.

Rent equipment on KitSplit to take advantage of KitSplit Instant Insurance. 

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