My dad is independent cult horror filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman, and as I’ve mentioned before, his work is one of my personal inspirations to start KitSplit. My mom, Pat Kaufman, is also a huge inspiration: for almost 20 years she was the New York State Film Commissioner.  She built the New York State Tax Credit Program that has financed hundreds of billions of dollars of films in New York State, and that is still in place today for all of you to use. Next time you make a film in New York, you can get 30% of your costs covered by the state, thanks to my mom! She is truly a power-woman, and she’s made it possible for thousands of filmmakers to pursue their vision and make amazing work.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when Liz Nord, Editor of NoFilmSchool invited my mom, my dad, and me onto the NoFilmSchool podcast to talk indie film! Now millions of NoFilmSchool readers can also be inspired by my family’s work supporting emerging filmmakers and advocating for the indie film world.

I love the way Liz puts it:

“If you’ve rented a camera online in the past couple years. If your production ever benefitted from a New York state tax incentive. If you are one of the millions who made Guardians of the Galaxy one of the most popular movies ever…you’ve been touched by a Kaufman.”

Ha—“touched by a Kaufman” sounds like the name of some twisted Lifetime movie… but that’s neither here nor there.  If you’re looking for a fun listen that’s chock full of lessons on filmmaking, starting something, bucking convention, and making your own damn movie, check out the podcast!

NoFilmSchool Podcast: The First Family of DIY on How to ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’