The art of manipulating sound for maximum impact can be mysterious and daunting, and yet it’s so important—there’s a well-known adage that audio is more important then image. The audio holds everything together and differentiates amateur productions from professional ones.

KitSplitter and NYC based Production Sound Mixer Joseph Wolensky has over 10 years experience working in a wide range of audio environments such as commercials, TV, documentaries, narrative, live sound, studio recording, and post-production for music and video.

In this video, Joseph gives us a brief tutorial on how to mix dialogue with music using only the plugins included with Adobe Premiere. “I realized that in today’s production world a growing trend of jack-of-all-trades filmmakers has emerged. I made this tutorial to help people without the benefit of a full production team create better sounding audio mixes,” Joseph—who is also the owner of NYC Production Sound explains.

Hopefully after watching this video you feel a little less overwhelmed by thought of mixing your audio! Do you have other tips for music + dialogue mixing? Any other tutorials you’d love to see us make? Let us know!