As a female-founded company, the KitSplit Team has been thinking a lot about #MeToo, #TimesUp and how we can help the entertainment industry work towards gender parity. To that end, last week Elle Magazine published an op-ed I wrote, “The Case for Bragging” about my take on #MeToo and what’s next. I believe that we need to retrain society to make women feel comfortable showing pride and bragging about accomplishments. As CEO and CoFounder of KitSplit, I want KitSplit to take the lead on this effort and brag on behalf of women.

The truth is, I have always felt super awkward bragging or discussing my accomplishments. I know I’m not alone. Studies show that American culture makes women feel embarrassed to promote ourselves.  In the wake of #metoo, I think this needs to change!  If women feel comfortable being public with their accomplishments then maybe they will get more credit for their good work. That will help them get more promotions, which will put more women in positions of power.  Then maybe we can stop the abuse of women and get closer to gender parity, and equal pay.  

So at KitSplit we are going to help women brag.

We built KitSplit because we believe that everyone has something to say and deserves to have their story heard- women just as much as men. Furthermore, core to the KitSplit mission is modernizing and improving the entertainment industry. This includes helping to sweep out the old inefficient ways of doing business. What could be more inefficient than marginalizing and silencing half of the workforce, as well as half of the audience that pays for films, tv and video?  It’s only natural that KitSplit would want to support and empower women. It’s the right thing to do and it’s just plain good for business.  

We pledge to use our website, blog, and social media accounts as a platform to brag about women in the industry. We want to hear about all the amazing things you are doing so that we can brag about you!  

We’re calling all women of the entertainment industry: send us your braggables!  

Let Us Brag For You!

Men, you can partake too. Send us projects by women that you think are awesome and should be bragged about.  And by the way, it goes without saying that we also love bragging about the men in the KitSplit community.  But we think that women need an extra boost of encouragement (as explained above).  We want to promote awesome women and tell our community of over 30,000 filmmakers and and the world about how amazing you are!

Any suggestions on other ways we can support women in film? We’ve got a lot of ideas and great partners who are already working on this (including WIF, NYWIFT, WIFV, WIM, 51 fund, 50 Women Can, AWD, and Cinematographers XX) but I’d love thoughts directly from our community.  

How can we help you get the word out about accomplishments and present women as the experts and geniuses that you are? How can we empower more women to publicly present their accomplishments?  

Send ideas and female braggables to us at here.

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Lisbeth Kaufman is Co-Founder and CEO of KitSplit. With a family background in film, Kaufman grew up on film sets and is passionate about democratizing the storytelling process, while enabling content creators. Before starting KitSplit, Lisbeth focused on business and political strategy.  She worked in consulting at the Podesta Group and the Corporate Executive Board.  Kaufman also worked as a policy advisor for Senator Al Franken in the Senate, and she developed on clean energy policy at the Center for American Progress, Washington’s leading progressive think tank.  She has a BA from Yale University and a MBA from NYU Stern, where she was a Dean’s Fellow and Forte Fellow with a full scholarship.