Thanks to everyone who attended our VR Pitchfest last week! 

Here are all of the teams and projects that were selected to pitch:

  • Nina Consultants, “A Puppet Murder Mystery”: A locked-room murder mystery starring a fun cast of puppets. “You” are the detective.
  • 0PANA team, “YES”: A documentary about creative partnerships, love, trust, struggles, and the belief that human celebration can help us find joy in the darkest moments of our lives.
  • Westward Collective, “WESTWARD”: WESTWARD is a multi-platform, cinematic portrait of the U.S. national parks, framed through the lens of a road trip between Maine and Alaska.
  • Double Eye Production: “Boxed Out”: In the years preceding an intelligence explosion, futurist themes are explored through an introverted dreamer, drawn out of her shell by a boy with blue hair. Over the span of a decade, they chase each other back and forth through a world of digital natives.
  • Greener Media, “Lost & Found”:  Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a growing epidemic that will affect all of us. This virtual reality experience will take viewers into the life of someone with dementia who is beginning to have cognitive and physical challenges.
  • VisionIntoArt, National Sawdust, & Virtualize, “A Fistful of Stars”: The first multidimensional view of space in virtual reality.

We were joined by a fantastic panel of judges: Charles Melcher, the CEO and founder of Future of Storytelling and Melcher Media; Carol Dysinger, filmmaker, Tisch film professor, and advisor to Sundance Lab; Alejandro Dinsmore, CEO of EEVO; and Elliott Whitton of Cinereach.
Congrats to the  oPANA team, whose project “YES” won the judge’s award (and a 6 month membership at IFP Made in NY Media Center), and to the Hubble Telescope project, who won the audience award (and a $100 KitSplit credit)!

Thanks again to everyone who joined us and to our co-organizers, IFP’s Made in NY Media Center and Storycode

Photo courtesy of Mariana Keller.

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