If you are thinking of investing in some new gear, and are hoping to make some of that investment back through KitSplit, these ten pieces are worth exploring! Reliably popular and versatile, you can’t go wrong with any of these depending on your need.  Want to try it before you buy it?  Rent it from someone else!

Image of Canon C300 mark ii camera rental

1. Canon C300 Mark ii

If you are serious about video and film you need to master the Canon C300.  The workhorse of the industry, the Canon C300 is modular, customizable, and portable, making it the ideal tool for gorgeous video, TV and small films. We also hear the C100 mk iii is coming soon, which we’re looking forward to trying out.

Image of RED Epic Dragon camera

2. RED Epic Dragon

This is by far the most expensive item on our list, but has been consistently popular…maybe because there’s no other way to describe 6K resolution except epic! This aptly named offering from RED is the one that Hollywood heavy hitters like David Fincher and Ridley Scott are using, and with it’s impressive 4K output and a dynamic range of over 16 stops, it’s easy to see why. Red cameras require a steep learning curve, but many KitSplitters find that the awesome quality is well worth the price tag and added complexity.

Image of Freedom 360 6 GoPro Rig camera virtual reality 3. Freedom 360 6 GoPro Rig

This rig uses six Hero4/Hero3+/Hero3 cameras to record videos for full spherical immersive video. Hold the rig in any direction, no nadir blind spot to worry about. Simply capture everything around the rig, without obstructions.  Easily rentable on KitSplit and usually listed along with the six GoPros required to shoot full 360 video (although it is available standalone for those of you with 6 GoPros lying around), this rig was exceedingly popular last year and has already been updated by the manufacturer.  By our estimation, this one is definitely worth watching. Of course, the VR space is moving quickly, and there are some new cameras out that are gaining popularity like the Omni and the Samsung Gear 360. And we’re excited to see what 2017 brings, with cameras like the Sphericam Beast (which was demoed at a KitSplit event) and is hitting the market soon!

Image of DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone camera4. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Drone videography and photography has been on the rise (pun intended) and DJI has crafted a superior model with the Phantom 3 Professional.  Capture shots in beautiful 4K on the camera’s 3 axis gimbal at a range of up to 3.1 miles!  In addition to the simple, dedicated controller, there is the DGI GO app for your mobile device that allows complete control of the unit and live HD monitoring.

Image of Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 virtual reality device5. Oculus Rift DK 2

Whether you’re looking to create virtual reality content that’s going to change the way we experience media, or just want to see what everyone’s been talking about, these are the goggles to be using.  Immerse yourself in 360 degrees of virtual reality and see what Facebook thought was worth spending $2 billion on.  Setting them up requires a little technical knowhow and a powerful PC, but the results are undeniably mesmerizing, so much so that CNET’s review of it is literally called, “Welcome to the Future.” If that’s not promising for this gadget, we have no idea what is. Don’t have (or want to rent) a powerful PC? The Gear VR was also a popular VR headset this year, and in the coming year we expect the HTC Vive to grow in popularity.

Image of Arri Alexa Mini cinema camera 6. ARRI Alexa Mini

The film and tv industry has embraced this incredible camera from Arri, and you should too.  Like it’s big brother the Amira, this tiny camera will record 4K footage.  It’s capable of recording up to 200 fps, and the lightweight body makes it ideal for tracking shots with a  Movi or Drone.  Designed by ARRI to compete with RED, this little guy can do a whole lot

Image of DJI Ronin Camera stabilizer gimbal rig7. DJI Ronin

Shooting professionally stabilized video has never been simpler and this DJI offering  gives you a way to get Steadicam quality shots for a fraction of the budget.  This rig works for cameras up to 16 pounds, and sports three different rig arrangements  for maximum maneuverability.  We recommend adding a wireless follow focus and/or a second operator on the bluetooth controlled remote for those really tough shots!  This ready to rumble stabilizer will not let you down.

Image of Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera8. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

Don’t let it’s size fool you, this pocket sized camera packs a punch!  With 13 stops of dynamic range and a high resolution super 16 sensor, it gives you the tools you need to get professional grade images in a tiny package.  And with the ability to record straight to ProRes, it makes the post workflow a snap.  

Image of Sony A7s Mark ii Camera 9. Sony A7S Mark ii

4K internal mirrorless shooting has arrived, and when you see the dynamic range of this little camera (up to ISO 409600!) in low light situations, you’ll be blown away.  Although this camera was released in late 2015, it continues to top lists and come highly recommended to new renters and buyers at all levels. It’s great for both photography and videography, and the small body size makes it great for traveling and docs.

Image of Canon 5D Mark iii camera 10. Canon 5D Mark iii

Canon helped usher in the DSLR revolution with the 5D line, and the Mark III more than exceeded expectations to become the most versatile camera on the market with its superior new AF system and image quality upgrade.  In the age of the 4k camera, this one still packs a punch with its stunning full frame sensor.  There are endless possibilities to accessorize this compact camera, so it makes a perfect choice when quality 1080 output is needed, and the budget doesn’t leave room for 4k. In 2017, we expect the Mark IV, the newer version of this camera, to grow in popularity.

The numbers don’t lie, these items are without a doubt the most popular on KitSplit. Now it’s time to make good on all those empowered resolutions!  In our world, it’s usually (if not always) new year, new project, right? These are the best tools to make that happen!
Have an upcoming project? Send us your gear list and we’ll be happy to help you find whatever you need!

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