Have you started planning your halloween costume yet? I know, it feels crazy to even say these things. Where did this year go? October is upon us, which means the LA festival season has begun and your butt will be planted in theaters all over the county for the next few months. It’s ok, the beach is cold now anyways. Here’s some events that you might want to add to the mix:


Roll Call: Women in Video
Wednesday, 10/4, 7PM-10PM, $12

The Los Angeles Music Video Festival will be in full swing the entire first week of October. There are more events than we could ever manage to list here. This event will be focused on the directing talents of several female directors and we can’t imagine a better way to spend a Wednesday night. Downtown Independent, 251 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA

REDucation: Quick Start RED Cameras
Tuesday, 10/17, 10AM-1PM, $99

Like any curious filmmaker, you’ve probably oogled a RED camera behind showroom glass and would love to kick the tires a bit. Our partners over at Abelcine in Burbank are hosting an intensive 3 hour workshop that will get you up to speed on the fundamentals of this popular 8K machine. AbelCine, 801 S Main Street, Burbank, CA

The New Urbanism Film Festival
Friday, 10/19-10/22, showtimes and ticket prices vary

In a sea of general interest film festivals, it’s refreshing to see a very niche and policy driven film event that has garnered such a devoted following and fanbase. Attendees will learn all about current efforts around the world to make cities safer, cleaner, smarter and more livable for the 21st century. ACME Comedy Theater, 135 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA


Got a job listing or an event you’d like for us to put in the LA Monthly Memo? Drop us a line at contact@Kitsplit.com!

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