Since we launched, hundreds of KitSplitters have had a fantastic experience renting renting out their gear on KitSplit. We know that accidents are extremely rare, but they can happen, and we want our equipment owners to be 100% protected at all times.  This week, we’re excited to announce several new and improved insurance and damage coverage options to give you ultimate protection and peace of mind!

As a renter, from now on you’ll be presented with three damage coverage options at checkout. It’s quick and easy to select any of them with just a few clicks…no fax machines or back-and-forth phone calls required!

  1. Buy damage coverage or short term insurance when you check out. It’s a quick and easy process—and the rates are super affordable. We partnered with Reiff Insurance, the top entertainment insurance broker in the biz, to make this happen.
  2. Leave a full deposit for the amount of the gear
  3. Use your own insurance. Just upload your COI; we’ll verify it and you’re good to go.

If you’re an owner, this coverage is 100% free for you and you don’t have to take any action—but from now on, you’ll know that whenever you rent out your gear on KitSplit, it’s completely protected by either damage coverage, insurance, or a full deposit.

Interested in annual insurance? We can help with that too! As a KitSplit member, you get free Fractured Atlas membership (worth up to $240), Fractured Atlas is an amazing arts membership-based organization and community. They have super high-quality, well priced annual artist insurance for their members. Email us to get the private KitSplit Fractured Atlas sign-up link.

Between this and our vetting process and ratings + review system, we provide an unrivaled level of protection in the industry. If you have questions about any of this, read more about the insurance offerings here, visit our FAQ, or contact us!

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