We love hearing from KitSplit members, and have gotten amazing feedback from you over the past few months. In response, we’ve built some major new features into the KitSplit platform that help build your reputation and save you time as you rent gear, rent out your gear, and collaborate with others in the community. Here’s what’s new:

References: Build your brand with professional references  

You can now ask colleagues and friends to write you references on KitSplit that will help build your reputation and demonstrate that you are a brilliant, professional, and trustworthy member of the community. References will help others in the KitSplit community get to know you, and feel more comfortable booking a rental with you. KitSplitters with positive reviews and references make more money on KitSplit, and get rental approved faster! We’ve also heard amazing stories about how KitSplitters are finding collaborators and getting jobs through their KitSplit connections—this will make that easier. References are different from reviews, which renters and owners write after a completed rental.

New Checkout System: Save time by checking out from multiple owners at once

Our cart and checkout system are now quicker and more streamlined than ever! You can check out with multiple items from multiple owners at once to save you time, plus you can see estimates for delivery when checkout out.

List items faster than ever

Now, when you go to list gear, the titles and descriptions of popular gear will be pre-filled—saving you precious time!

Include your reel and your IMDB page on your profile

Your KitSplit profile helps others in the community get to know you. Now, you can connect your IMDB page and include your reel or work sample to show your work to the KitSplit community and help build your reputation!

Do you have feedback on these new features, or ideas for others we should add? Email us at contact@kitsplit.com or give us a call at 917.722.6792—we love hearing from you!

<3 The KitSplit team

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