Below, you’ll find several of our favorite recent projects made with KitSplit gear, including a hip-hop artist singing in a giant chicken suit, a mind-wave exhibition, and absurd photos from the New York Republican Gala.

We love featuring members of the KitSplit community and projects they’ve created with the gear they’ve either rented to or from other members. Have a #MadeWithKitSplit project you want to share? Tweet it to @kitsplit with hashtag #MadeWithKitSplit or email us.

Photographing the GOP Gala by Maggie Shannon

Photo by Maggie Shannon at the GOP Gala

Maggie Shannon is a freelance photographer in NYC, who recently had the opportunity to photograph the New York Republican Gala. Her series, which was featured on Vice, shows the absurd side of the GOP Gala and New York’s rich people. Maggie rented the Canon Speedlite 430EX II for the shoot.

If I was a Bird by Jay Kila

Filmmaker and hip-hop artist Jay Kila‘s recent music video for his song, “If I Was a Bird” features Jay dancing, rapping, and singing around New York City while wearing a bird costume! Jay’s lyrics are made all the more hilarious when paired with the video’s scenic footage of birds in the sky and around the city. Our favorite line is: “I wanna be a bird, fast like an arrow, fly around the world, call me Captain Sparrow.” This wonderfully ridiculous music video was filmed with a Sony NEX-FS700R and uses shaky and distorted shots to capture the trippy nature of the song.

AYG 2015 by Alik Barsoumian

Alik Barsoumian, a filmmaker from Pasadena based in New York, premiered her film “AYG 2015” last April. This multimedia piece was a live collaboration dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide with composer Martin Ulikhanyan. Alik describes her process of creating the piece with Ulikhanyan:

Collaborating with a composer was really fascinating. I was able to witness the process of a collaborator working in a completely different medium with a different set of tools…It was an unusual process in that we were working simultaneously – I would go out to capture images and he would compose more music – and then we’d take inspiration from one another.”

Alik shot the original film with a GoPro, a car mount, and underwater housing rented from KitSplit, so that she was able to get shots under waves as well as tracking shots through upstate New York in the winter. She says she was amazed at the high quality images and slow motion capabilities from the tiny GoPro.


Still from The Ocean installation

The Ocean by Yang Wang

Yang Wang is a new media artist and visual designer, whose new project is a part of the Calm Before/After the Storm exhibition now on display at the Bruce High Quality Foundation University in Brooklyn. His piece, “The Ocean,” is an installation comprised of a Muse EEG brain wave sensor and an animated projection of the ocean. Waves rise and fall in response to the mind activity of the viewer: it’s trippy and mesmerizing. The Muse EEG sensor will be available to rent after the exhibition ends on May 9 or you can try out the Mindwave Mobile EEG headset now.

Behind the Collector by Natalie Holt

Natalie is a Brooklyn-based video producer who recently directed Behind the Collector: Michael Phillips Moskowitz eBay’s Chief Curator & Editorial Director for Sotheby’s. The video takes a look inside Moskowitz’s fabulous art-filled apartment and shares his advice on collecting. The video was shot on a Canon C100 and Canon EOS 5d Mark ii.

Written By

Simone Kovacs

Simone is the Social Media and Community Outreach Coordinator for KitSplit.