Below, you’ll find several of our favorite recent projects made with KitSplit gear, including a 360 video, a trailer for a short film premiering in April, an iPhone game, and more!

We love featuring  members of the KitSplit community and projects they’ve created with the gear they’ve either rented to or from other members. Have a #MadeWithKitSplit project you want to share? Tweet it to @kitsplit with hashtag #MadeWithKitSplit or email us.

Been Around The World by Daniel Tantalean

Daniel directed the music video for artist Rickstar’s new single “Been Around The World.” The filming was done with a Canon 5D Mark II Camera Kit and an Arri Fresnel Light Kit. The film features scenes of urban New York City that transition into stars and space as the artist goes not just around the world, but above it, in his search for love.


“Board” by Adam Volerich

Board by Adam Volerich

Indie filmmaker, Adam, used his Sony F7 Kit to shoot “Board,” a short film premiering online in April from Magnalux Pictures. Written, produced, and filmed by Adam, the film follows the story of pot-dealing Ricky whose stash is stolen by a shady client. He is thrust into a hazy journey to the mystical land of Coney Island to get it back. Want to know more? GeekRoom interviewed Adam about his career and the magic of making the film.

Brooklyn Amusement Park by Doug Sakmann

Doug helped produce “Brooklyn Amusement Park,” which was filmed with a Canon 5D Mark III on location. The music video from French artists Polo & Pan, is a whimsical journey through the city where roller coasters spring out of houses and brightly colored water towers rotate on their stands.

Kerosene by Play Too Much

Play Too Much is an indie-blog that showcases great music, such as “Kerosene,” sung and played by artist Sean McVerry. In this sweet and simple music video, Sean warms up the studio with his performance at Big Blue North in Utica, NY. The video was filmed using 24-105mm and 70-200mm lens.

“Specimen” by Erica Gorochow

Specimen, A Game About Perception by Erica Gorochow

Erica Gorowchow is an animation director, designer, and illustrator. Her new project, Specimen, is an addictive, minimalist game about color perception. Easy to learn, tough to master: simply tap the specimen that matches the background color. As you advance, earn patterned boosters and chroma coins to combat an ever faster clock. Erica demoed the game at a recent exhibition with New Inc, for which she rented the iPhone 5s. Specimen was covered in Fast Company, Business Insider, Boing Boing, and more. Download it here—it’s free to play!

Biking the Williamsburg Bridge by Sam Baumel

Sam has filmed a number of interesting panorama videos with his 360 GoPro. This short film takes the viewer on a fast-paced tour across the Williamsburg Bridge from the first-person point of view. The film is stitched so that it keeps in time with the music, creating a bouncy effect not unlike actually riding a bike.

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Simone Kovacs

Simone is the Social Media and Community Outreach Coordinator for KitSplit.