At KitSplit, we love to feature content created by KitSplit members with the gear they’ve either rented to or from other members.

Below are some of our recent favorites! The first is a short film in a series of films that aim to teach us about voting by Veena Rao, and the second is the music video for Sleigh Bells song “It’s Just Us Now” directed by Nick Kraus and Charlotte Kaufman

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So You Think You Can Vote

KitSplitter Veena Rao, a member of Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective and NYWIFT, directed one of the short films in the oh-so-timely series “We the Voters, a groundbreaking social impact web campaign. The project, helmed by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions, Show of Force and Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets, incorporates “real characters, dynamic storylines and celebrity influencers into films, apps and games that demystify how the government works and motivate Americans to seize the power of their vote.” Veena’s piece, titled “So You Think You Can Vote”, is part live action and part animation. It is about the right to vote: the history of voting rights in this country, how hard citizens have fought for the right to vote and how differences in voting regulations in each state might affect potential voters.  

Veena and her team used this C300 & and several Canon prime lenses. All the interviews and footage in the short were filmed in 3 days, two in Alabama and one in Boston. According to Veena, the most challenging part of this project was the relatively short pre-production time, but the shoots themselves when smoothly thanks to an experienced and talented team.

Sleigh Bells – It’s Just Us Now

KitSplit members Nick Kraus and Charlotte Kaufman are the directors of photography for this brilliantly weird music video for Sleigh Bells‘ “It’s Just Us Now”. The crew was stripped-down, and the director was very improvisational; according to Charlotte, “It was important that our camera package allowed us to stay  light on our feet, and ready to work with new ideas as they emerged.” Nick and Charlotte rented a set of Zeiss CP2 lenses from Nathan Lynch (you can find them on Nathan’s profile) and used Charlotte’s FS7 to film the video. Nick said, “The Zeiss CP2s Nathan Lynch has listed on Kitsplit were freaking awesome. Super crisp through and just killer all around optics. We used every lens in his set at least once and loved having the options to choose from. The budget was very modest because sleigh bells decided to release without the aid of a major label, so having a resource like KitSplit was completely indispensable.” The piece already has over 300,000 views on YouYube (at least 100 of those are us, sorry not sorry).

Nick and Charlotte also edited the video: the whole project took about a week from start to finish. Charlotte told us, “Working with Derek [Miller] as a director was a very interesting experience. As we edited the piece, he was often drawn to the messy and the spontaneous, instead of the the composed and the perfected. As camera people, we usually favor the latter, so we found it very refreshing to work with a director that has a such a strong and unique aesthetic.” 

We love featuring members of the KitSplit community and projects they’ve created with the gear they’ve either rented to or from other members. Have a #MadeWithKitSplit project you want to share? Tweet it to @kitsplit with hashtag #MadeWithKitSplit or email us.