We are thrilled to announce a partnership offering exclusive ZEISS discounts and benefits to KitSplit members!

When Stanley Kubrick needed to film interior scenes for his 18th Century period piece Barry Lyndon using only candles, what lens did he go with?  Why the ZEISS Planar 50mm f0.7 of course.  Kubrick’s not your style?  Too artsy. Okay. How about The Lord of The Rings trilogy filming with ZEISS Ultra Primes?  Or Tamara Jenkins’ recent Sundance hit Private Life using ZEISS Super Speeds?  Filmmakers of all pedigree agree, ZEISS allows you to capture that filmic look.    

Discount on ZEISS Lens Purchases for KitSplit Members

KitSplit and ZEISS are teaming up to bring you into the ranks of these illustrious ZEISS lens users.   All KitSplit members are eligible for a 10% discount when purchasing any lenses from ZEISS’ 10 most popular lens lines. And as part of the deal, when you buy the lens KitSplit will automatically list it for you so you can start earning back your investment immediately.


ZEISS lenses are the gold standard in the industry, and there’s a good reason why.  ZEISS has been a pioneer of lens optics since 1890. They continue to push for innovation in all their lines of lenses from the new beautiful bokeh of the CP3s to the incredible optics they’re crafting for Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope (the replacement for the beloved Hubble Telescope)!!!  If only the US Government had taken advantage of KitSplit and ZEISS’s partnership, it could have saved taxpayers millions on the telescope.

Kidding!  But you can save money today on a great new ZEISS lens.  If you’re a camera owner/operator and you’re tired of having to borrow or rent a lens package every time you book a gig, now is your chance to buy those lenses.  Or if you’re looking to fill in a gap in your lineup of Milvus f/1.4 ZE 15mm, 25mm, and 85mm lenses with a 50mm portrait lens, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

How to get your ZEISS Discount

Here’s how you can participate in the ZEISS KitSplit Program:

Step 1: KitSplit members will be emailed an exclusive link to the ZEISS discount page. (Are you a member who can’t find the email? Email us).  

Step 2: Fill in some info and upload a screenshot of your KitSplit profile page and you’ll get a certificate for 10% off ZEISS lens purchases at all participating authorized ZEISS Dealers.  

Step 3: Use the certificate to purchase the lenses and save 10% at any ZEISS authorized dealer. Once you purchase the lense and redeem the discount, KitSplit will automatically list your lens on your profile so you can start seeing that return on your investment.

This program offers KitSplit Members an exclusive 10% discount off when purchasing any ZEISS lenses listed below:

    • ZEISS Compact Prime CP.3 and CP.3 XD Lenses
    • ZEISS Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed and Macro Lenses
    • ZEISS Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3
    • ZEISS Otus Lenses
    • ZEISS Milvus Lenses
    • ZEISS Classic Lenses
    • ZEISS Batis Lenses
    • ZEISS Loxia Lenses
    • ZEISS Touit Lenses
    • ZEISS ZM Lenses

10% off doesn’t make a big difference when you’re talking about a coffee and a danish.  But for an investment of this size, it’s a huge asset to take advantage of. And on top of that, your new lenses will automatically be added to your KitSplit profile so you can rent them out and make money with them when you’re not using them.

So if you’re not shooting scenes for that documentary you’ve been working on, you can rent them out to other creators like yourself on KitSplit.  And if you get booked on a feature, just use KitSplit’s convenient calendar function to let other renters know that you and your lenses are booked on a gig for the month.     

Need that ZEISS discount right now?  Let our Gear Experts know at contact@kitsplit.com or 917-722-6792, and we’ll send you the exclusive discount link ASAP.