This time of year, the world wide web is buzzing with lists and summaries.  In an attempt to quantify this quantification of a year in film and television, we scoured the internet to bring you this list: The Top 10 Top 10 Film and TV Lists of 2016.  We know that we are no TIME Magazine and so instead of trying to generate our own list of the best of everything (who knows everything about everything anyway?!) we are bringing you the best of the already agreed upon best!

Hating Top 10 Lists: 2016’s Best TV
Emily Nussbaum, The New Yorker

Resident New Yorker television maven Emily Nussbaum wraps up the year in TV better than any other critic we reviewed.  In true New Yorker fashion, Nussbaum refuses to actually rank her top 10 shows and insists on sharing her favorites in a more democratic fashion: every show in this article is her favorite of the year.  We agree with her on most of these (Fleabag, Rectify, and Atlantic are favorites among us at KitSplit) and appreciate Nussbaum’s sassy tone at the tail end of a crazy year in media. We hope she’ll appreciate the irony that her anti-top 10 list made our top 10 list of top 10 lists.

A Year in Horror, 2016: Jerry’s Top 10 Horror Films

Jerry Smith, Fangoria

We at KitSplit have a vested interest in the horror market (our BFF Troma wouldn’t have it any other way), and so we really went in on the Top 10 horror lists.  We picked Jerry’s List (from Fangoria) for its punchy descriptions and well-curated choices (including a few indies and picks from lesser-known directors).

Vimeo presents: The Top Videos of 2016
Vimeo Curation

This list is a MUST READ and is totally awesome. Not only does it include the top videos on Vimeo (as curated by the Vimeo Staff) but it also lists honorable mentions across multiple categories (documentary, comedy, animation, action sports and even eye candy).  An amazing aggregation of prime content created over the course of this year!  

The Best Movies of 2016

Manohla Dargis, A.O. Scott, Stephen Holden, The New York Times

This article is ideal for those of us looking to load our viewing calendar this award season. Written by three of the New York Times’ most prolific film critics, A.O. Scott, Manohla Dargis, and Stephen Holden, this piece includes each of their top 10 lists for the year (including honorable mentions) and each of their individual summaries of this crazy year in film. As one might expect, this article may disappoint those of you looking for less broadly distributed films (the Times definitely favors commercial features), but it’s a great list with beautifully written blurbs on each film, and  it at least TRIES to be fair to the little guy.

The 10 Best Music Videos of 2016
Dee Lockett, Vulture

Of course, Queen Bey’s ‘Lemonade’ tops the list (as it does Rolling Stone’s Top 10 for 2016) but it also includes some lesser known stuff, and links to each video. Give it a once over when you are snuggled in this winter; a lot of the footage is super gorgeous.

10 Sad Movies On Netflix You Won’t Be Able To Get Through Without Crying
Alia Stearns and Alex Diedrick, UPROXX

We love this list for two reasons: 1) it makes us feel something and 2) it’s contents are available on Netflix right now, so you can catch feels immediately.  Plus, it’s pleasantly varied, including an animated feature as well as some older and foreign language films.  It’s also fun and creative angle as far as Top 10 Lists go.

The Best Opening Credits of 2016
Kaitlin Thomas, TV Guide

Trying to figure out what went down in TV this year?  Look no further than TV Guide (seems obvious, right?). We love that this list includes some welcome surprises and includes links to each set of credits.  A perfect place for us TV nerds looking to spend our Friday nights watching some really beautiful looking (and sounding!) television credits without actually watching a single episode of television.

The Best Movie Soundtracks of 2016
Andrew Collins, Classic FM

This list is so much fun–it’s author really knows his soundtrack stuff. We are pleased to see some lesser known films included and are also happy to report that this year’s epic failure ‘Batman vs. Superman’ is included on someone’s top 10 something!

The 10 Most Unforgettable Movie Scenes of 2016
Entertainment Weekly

We love this list because of its very nature; it lists scenes, and not whole movies, allowing certain films that are less fabulous on the whole to get the recognition they deserve.  The writers are on the ball, and this list is validating to those of us who appreciate a special scene for its own merits.

The Best Movie Trailers of 2016
Dom Sinacola, Paste

We love movie trailers almost as much s we love movies, and these ones are particularly amazing! Plus, the writer uses hilarious descriptions like “A face-melting orgasm in slow motion, the trailer for The Handmaiden is so good I want to buy it a nice dinner and sit in silence and just watch it chew.”OK, you caught us: this is a list of the Top 16 not the Top 10, but we have a motive we promise. It’s current and includes some lesser known (but still definitely awesome) films.  One of the trailers on this list was edited by our friend (and KitSplitter) Ben Cohen for Oscilliscope, one of our fave indie distribution companies.


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