Last month we introduced you to a few of KitSplit’s gear experts—a group of friendly, gear-obsessed filmmakers and photographers who are on-call seven days a week to answer your questions about gear, insurance, and getting the most out of KitSplit. This month, we asked one of our gear experts, Chris Bradley, for his thoughts about favorite camera rentals on KitSplit!

When Chris isn’t working at KitSplit, he’s writing screenplays, tending to his garden, and serving as a camera op and AC on shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Cooks Vs. Cons…and of course, browsing gear on KitSplit.. Check out his top picks below!

Alexa Mini
Eclectic Productions – $1,000/day

I love the look of the Alexa Mini’s sensor, and am especially enamored of what it’s able to capture at night with minimal lighting. For a tiny camera, it certainly packs a punch. Being able to throw this on a Movi, even with a small monitor and follow focus rig is also a major plus for me. Eclectic Productions has a very competitive price on this, AND they throw in a follow focus, tripod, plus the accessories you need to get shooting…so it’s a steal!

Oculus Rift DK2
Debra A – $40/day

A friend of mine develops medical software using VR tech, and he showed me all he’s capable of doing via the Oculus Rift. Totally blew my mind. Wearing the Rift’s goggles, you truly feel as if you’re in a different world. And aside from practical uses like medical software, the games and films that are out for this system are incredibly immersive and fun, especially in groups or at parties. Debra’s listing is at a competitive price, and she is always very quick to respond to queries.

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
Vijay N – $25/day

I shoot a lot of sit-down interviews, and I love the way this lens has the capacity to crush the background and blur out everything but the person in the chair. The possibilities in depth of field are immense, and it’s a very versatile lens as long as you can be on a tripod. And it’s so inexpensive compared to the quality you get. Vijay lists his lens for just $25 a day. That’s a steal. Plus, he’s a super friendly and responsive owner, and has a lot of other great gear to go along with the lens if you need to rent more.

Phantom Flex 4k
Flying Elephants Productions – $1,950/day

If I’m shooting slow motion, this is my go-to. 938fps at 4K. And 1,984 fps at 2K. That’s crazy. Any time the budget will allow for it, this is THE choice for high frame rate work. And Flying Elephant specializes in work with the Phantom, and they have a competitive price for it. (Editor’s Note: We love the Phantom Flex 4K too, learn the 7 things you need to know about it right here!)

SmallHD HD 502 Monitor
Du-all Camera – $60/day

SmallHD is my favorite monitor company.  The 502 is so sharp and it doesn’t have that weird ‘digital’ motion feel to it that so many inexpensive monitors have.  For my money, there is no better onboard monitor to have when you’re operating a camera or pulling focus.  And Du-All keeps theirs in terrific shape for a more than reasonable price.


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