It’s December in Los Angeles. We might not have frosty fir trees and snow angels, but we certainly make up for it in star-studded awards galas and novelty holiday movie screenings. You can also go ice-skating in Pershing Square in a t-shirt. It’s weird, but it works, ok?

Here’s some of our favorite screenings and workshops happening around town this month. Pack it all in while you can still get the tax writeoff for FY 2017. Save those receipts!


Los Angeles Drone Film Festival
Saturday, 12/02, 2pm-11pm, $25

A drone festival, you say? Of course! It’s LA! We’ve got a film festival for just about everything. Come by for this one day event and see some epic aerial shots over countless landscapes.

Die Hard: 35mm Screening at the Vista Theater
Friday, 12/15, Midnight, $11-$38

You might think there’s some debate about the greatest Christmas movie all time, but that’s simply not true. Die Hard is obviously the greatest Christmas movie and that is the end of the discussion. It’s set in Los Angeles and Hans Gruber is how Alan Rickman wants you to remember him. Come check it out as Santa intended: in full 35mm projection at the historic Vista Theater in Silver Lake.

J.L. Fisher Dolly Class: Women in Media
Saturday, 12/02, 8:30am-11:30am, $90

Few things on set can be more intimidating than a dolly. They’re big, they’re heavy, and they’re oh-so-dangerous if they aren’t rigged properly. Women in Media has organized this dolly-focused workshop with the gurus at J.L. Fisher to help women sharpen their set skills. Admission comes with a one year membership!

Everything is Terrible – 10th Anniversary Party
Sunday, 12/10, 7:30pm, $20-$24

How do you describe an EIT show? It’s part monster mash, part VHS freak out, and 100% meme-worthy video insanity. These weirdos from Cleveland have been tormenting the hearts and minds of the internet for a full decade now and they’ve created a bonafide cult of personality here in Los Angeles. Bring an offering of Jerry Maguire on VHS for real street cred.

Rooftop Films: Home Alone 2
Friday, 12/22, 9pm, $19-$29

Ok ok ok. As a New York-based company it’s important that we point out that the REAL greatest Christmas movie of all time is actually Home Alone 2. There’s a kindhearted pigeon lady and the President of the United States makes a guest appearance. Beat that, Bruce Willis! This one isn’t in 35mm, but it will be on a rooftop in Hollywood at the Montalban, so that’s a pretty excellent tradeoff. Go see them both!

Community news:

Member Luisa Conlon Seeks Finishing Funds for Pulitzer Center Supported Documentary Project

We Became Fragments is a short documentary that follows a displaced Syrian teenager named Ibraheem Sarhan coming of age in Winnipeg, Canada. Luisa is an established documentary filmmaker and an early adopter of KitSplit in Los Angeles. Help her make this amazing film a reality!

Forbes 30 Under 30 2017

Congrats to KitSplit friends Sky Dylan-Robbins, Erin Lee Carr, and Rei Wang, who are all on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list this year!


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