Whether you’re shooting cat videos or your dream indie (not that those are mutually exclusive….), these apps are sure to come in handy. They can help you with all aspects of filmmaking, from pre-production to to post and beyond.

Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder

Not sure whether to shoot with your 35mm lens or your nifty fifty? Cadrage is perfect for determining what focal length suits your shot. Cadrage can simulate the framing of just about any camera/lens combo. You can even create shot lists and convert them into PDFs!

(Available for $12.99 on iOS or $11.99 on Google Play)


Filmic Pro

This app lets you take your smartphone camera to the next level with total control over focus, exposure, frame rate, audio levels—you name it! The award winning film Tangerine was shot with 3 iPhone 5s smartphones and this app, so you know it’s good.

(Available for $14.95 on iOS or $9.99 on Google Play)


Shot Designer

If your camera diagrams look more like scribbles than actual scenes, then this app might be for you. It’s perfect for “pocket blocking”—determining camera and lights placement, creating shot lists, and creating animated camera diagrams.

(Available for free on iOS or Google Play or upgrade to pro for $19.99)


Sun Seeker 3D

Using augmented reality, you’ll be able to find the light quickly and swiftly. This one is also great for planning that perfect sunrise or sunset shot, so when the AD shouts “we’re losing light!” you’ll already be one step ahead.

(Available on iOS for $9.99 or Google Play for $7.49)


Pocket guides from the black and blue

Ok so this isn’t exactly an app, but if you work in camera department, it’s one of the more nifty tools to have in your arsenal. The Black and Blue is a go-to online resource for camera assistants, containing info on items like user bottons, memory cards, and more: their pocket guides can really help you out in a bind. For only $10 you can get 30 camera guides to keep handy on your smartphone or tablet.


Pocket Light Meter

It may not be a Sekonic light meter, but it never hurts to have a light meter app just in case. With Pocket Light Meter you’ll be able to take light readings quickly and easily. And you’ll have a backup in case you end up in a dead battery situation with your other light meter.

(Available for free on iOS or Google Play for $0.99

Bonus: Check out Luxi by Photojojo. Pair it with the Luxi app and you’ve got a phone that works as an incident light meter.


Lens Tag 

This app is free and offers global protection for your gear. With this app you can register serial numbers, track the value of your gear and if your gear is stolen they’re on it!

(Available for free on on iOS or Google Play)

Bonus: Check out the Smithsonian Eclipse 2017 app (iOS/Android) to find out more about the eclipse on August 21 and where to see it!

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